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When software developers build new systems, they must implement data protection requirements. For this purpose, legal standards must be technically designed. Many developers find this difficult.

To understand the underlying issues, this project first analyzes privacy practices in open source projects and interviews developers. This should identify data protection techniques that could benefit open source projects.

For developers to adequately protect personal data, they must understand the capabilities and limitations of common techniques. It is important that data protection techniques are easy to explain. The project is therefore designing explanatory aids for common data protection techniques and developing easy-to-use software libraries.

Developers often teach themselves new skills by replicating the approach of others. Therefore, a “Privacy Range” is developed in conclusion. This consists of applications with built-in privacy flaws that can be addressed with appropriate privacy techniques. This is a great way to gain practical experience.

Developers have considerable influence on ensuring that the digitization of everyday life is implemented safely and ethically. The measures of the subproject are intended to enable them to better meet their responsibilities in the future.


Prof. Dr. Dominik Herrmann
University of Bamberg
Phone: +49 (0) 951 863-2661