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In our everyday lives, we are increasingly surrounded by so-called smart systems connected to the Internet and supposed to make our everyday lives easier. However, it is not always clear what actually happens to our data, where security risks exist and how we can counter them without comprehensive technical knowledge.

In this project, we investigate how IT security is implemented in the private sphere, in companies and critical infrastructure institutions, and what hurdles users must overcome. It’s not just about how existing security measures are managed. Furthermore, we are interested in how they develop and become established in the long term due to the interplay between everyday work and organizational requirements.

With the help of a methodologically diverse and complementary approach consisting of interviews, ethnographic observations, and an online survey, a comprehensive picture of existing and emerging competencies and strategies is created. In cooperation with the subprojects, the insights we generate are used to implement technical security solutions and help develop them close to the everyday life of the users.

from left to right: Nelli Feist, Sabine Pfeiffer


Prof. Dr. Sabine Pfeiffer
Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
Mail: sabine.pfeiffer@fau.de
Phone: +49 (0) 911 5302-96670

Dr. Dennis Eckhardt
E-Mail: dennis.eckhardt@fau.de

Nelli Feist
Mail: nelli.feist@fau.de