Security Show Case

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A secure system performs its service “normally” in everyday digital life. This means that the presence of security is not normally directly observable or tangible for users. Users only notice the absence of sufficient security functions when, for example, strangers remotely control their own smart lamps.

The Security Show Case uses prototypes to demonstrate how the research results developed in ForDaySec can raise users’ awareness by making processes more transparent in the event of a problem, giving them more options for action and more sovereignty to make their everyday digital lives safer.

Realistic scenarios are used to illustrate the steps required in security management: e.g., restriction to authorized communication, security updates, operation of devices with known unpatched security vulnerabilities. Using actual case studies of everyday digitization, such as a networked digital control system in the so-called SmartHome, we want to highlight security problems and options for action in the Show Case.


Dr. Henrich C. Pöhls