The “human factor” is crucial for IT security and data protection. Until now, it has often been assumed that people understand the behavior and limitations of security and privacy mechanisms. However, the willingness to address these issues is low. Protective mechanisms are therefore sometimes ignored or even deliberately undermined. We address this area of tension in the cross-cutting issue of “Awareness” as follows:

1. Education
What do people need to know in order to use mechanisms correctly or not to circumvent them? How are factual and action knowledge to be conveyed appropriately for this purpose?

2. Explainability
How are mechanisms or effects of decisions to be described so that they can be understood without background knowledge?

3. Invisible Security
Can mechanisms also be designed in such a way that awareness measures can be avoided? How are mechanisms to be constructed so that the usability of the systems does not suffer?


Prof. Dr. Dominik Herrmann